Hand Made Guitars

Increasingly in this locked down world we find ourselves embracing those activities we love. I love making guitars, i make them much better than I play them!

This hand made guitar is inspired by the 1950s Gibson Les Paul. It has a Mahoganu body and neck, ebony finger board, spalted maple front to the body and headstock and aged white edge banding to the body and neck.

The finish all over is french polished.

Guitars can be ordered directly with us and made to your specification or visit Rocket Music in Ipswich where we usually have one or two on consignment.

One thought on “Hand Made Guitars

  1. Your guitars are stunning ive had 3 made by a guitar builder not a luthier like yourself sir would you be interested in making me a stratocaster style and les paul I love natural wood finishes id love to matching no identical but same woods

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